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Ike Lemuwa

Specializes in

  • Assisting Individuals
  • Groups
  • Businesses and Communities Plan
  • Design & Develop

He is also founder of 198 Media Marketplace with presence in 200+ countries. 198 Media Marketplace Gives YOU the Information and Expertise to Succeed at Mass Media Campaign - No Matter What Your Project, Background, or Perceived Chances Of Success.

He also Own and manage the huge network of Global CEO’s, The Ike Lemuwa CEO Networks, USA present in over 201 nations. 198TILG Mastermind Platinum Group, 198TILG New Product Creations.

New Product Creations

Stop! No one knows it all!!, yes Really Here's how to hire your own New Product Creations Virtual Support Team


How to Hire Expert Mass Media Virtual Assistant Support Agency

How to hire 198TILG Film Promotion VA Agency

How to Hire Expert eCommerce Virtual Assistant Support Agency

How to hire 198TILG Mass Student Virtual Assistant VA Agency

How to Hire Corporate Sponsors Virtual Assitant Support Agency

How to hire 198TILG Social Media Virtual Assistant Agency


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Corporate Sponsors/Partnership

Mastermind Coaching

Membership is ONLY by Invitations ONLY

The Ike Lemuwa Mastermind Platinum Group, Coaching are reserved to members of The Ike Lemuwa CEO Networks, in over 198 to 200 nations
We help members brainstorm new Ideas to develop their individual and business brands
We work each CEO in-house Branding Team and 198TILG Corporate Sponsorship VA Agency to build the right Support Team
We work with 198TILG New Product Creations to Build of R & D to review current Products to fine-tune your brand to fit your new marketplace


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