Ike Lemuwa Lemuwa

  • Assisting individuals with new product creation and ongoing product development.
  • Collaborate with Communities, Corporations and Agencies to Organize Proactive Community Groups.

He helps his clients Research and Build 12 Extraordinary Highly Gifted Special Advisors, work with each advisor before his clients have a need for their respective Skills and Valued Services. Imagine a No-Nonsense Team waiting to fight your battle for you 24/7 and yes, trained and waiting to help you succeed.

He Launched 198 Media Marketplace with presence in 200+ countries. 198 Media Marketplace Gives YOU the Information and Expertise to Succeed at Mass Media Campaign – No Matter What Your Project, Background, or Perceived Chances Of Success. We help you take your messages from the grassroots, to regional, national and then global within 24 hours/7 days a week 365 days a year

He also owns and manages a huge network of Global CEO’s. The IKE Lemuwa CEO Networks, 198tilgceonetworks  which is present in over 201 nations including the USA. 198TILG Mastermind Platinum Group, 198TILG New Product Creations.






Years Experience